Sasha Bondarev



Naive story that uses symphonic music to spark imagination and inspire kids to listen more classical music. Illustration by Rusty Yunusov. English adaptation by Marilyn Millstone. Narration by Rick Adams, mix by Pavel Sinev.



Dan Shomper cello,

Dana Rokosny viola,

Sarah D'Angelo violin,

Bethany Slater oboe, english horn,

Elena Yakovleva flute,

Nancy Switkes bassoon,

Evan Solomon clarinet, bass clarinet,

Valentin Lukashuk trumpet,

Benjamin Mulholland french horn,

Bob Frantz trombone, bass trombone,

John Patton percussion.

"Trio" was written for Inscape Chamber Music Project "Schubertiade". Inscape has asked composers Justin Boyer, Nathan Lincoln-DeCusatis, Sasha Bondarev, and John Leszczynski to compose musical responses to Schubert's monumental Octet. They were heard as preludes and interludes between the movements.


"Quintet" programmed as a short story which reflects composer's view on traditional Russian fairy-tales where supernatural is accepted as a part of everyday reality. Performed by Georgetown wind quintet in October 2011.