Music Lessons with Sasha
(202) 271-51-45
Teacher - Sasha Bondarev
Sasha has a solid background in teaching violin and piano, he is done it for over 20 years. His main goal is to instill love for music in his students and to make them believe in themselves.
Why these classes are an excellent choice for you?
Your child will get high quality music classes that are competitive in price and are a comparative quality to local music schools in the area, but you do not have to drive. It is also convenient for those families who live near their school.
Weekly 45 minute lessons $60 per lesson
Lessons are held in two locations (Forest Knolls Elementary in Silver Spring and Sasha's home studio) lessons are also available in the summer after the end of the school year.
Duration of the lesson could be extended by request to 1 hour
All kids are invited to participate in the end-of-year recital where they can show their achievements.
Available Classes
  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Music Theory

Class structure

  • Understanding and creating objectives (broad and specific), by using imagination and self-observation
  • Development of instrumental skills (by using relaxation)
  • Analyzation of music
  • Performance practice
Registration is accepted on a first-come first-served basis.
People who register first will have more options in choosing a time for their class.
To register for class please contact Sasha
Please contact Sasha at
(202) 271-51-45
to request references from local parents.
Please visit Sasha's Facebook page to see latest videos from previous recitals.
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