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Sasha Bondarev is a composer, producer, musician and super-dad grew up in Russia, where he started violin at age seven and later took up jazz bass. As a young man playing in a symphony orchestra he had dreams about life in America, and he got lucky to immigrate to US at the age of 26. Soon after he started working as a teacher and a bassist in the local jazz scene, in addition to his teaching he also composed jazz and contemporary classical works, and is now moving in the direction of composing and producing more music. In 2010 he won a grant from Montgomery County Art Council for his debut kid's album Sand Castle. Sand Castle is a delightful musical mélange of all that inspires him: unlimited imagination, parental love, dreams, and the innocence and boundless energy of childhood. Sasha, his two girls Fiona and Mila live in Silver Spring, Md.




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