Daddy Daddy

Daddy daddy daddy can you tell me,
Why the night is dark and day is bright?
When the sun gets very sleepy
Just like you it goes to bed at night.

Daddy daddy daddy can you tell me,
Were you really once a little boy?
Yes, I was, and I remember
Days - of happiness and joy.

Days when every tree looked so big and so high,
Days when in my make-believe world, I could fly.
Days when there were castles to build in the sand,
Days when I could hold all the world in my hand.

Daddy daddy daddy can you tell me,
Do you think that fairy tales are true?
Yes, of course, if you believe it
Anything is possible for you.

I see people laughing, people crying,
Daddy, why do people act this way?
That's because we all have feelings,
Here - is what I feel today:

Happy when I'm sitting here watching you play,
Happy when I see how you grow every day,
Happy with your dreams and adventures so grand,
Happy most of all when you're holding my hand.


Yes sweetie.

Do you like candies?

I sure do.

Can you tell mommy that you ate all of it?

What?! No! Did you eat those?

No, I don't like candies… anymore.

Why not ?

I think I had too much…

Ah you little silly girl…




Why the snow is white?

Well… I guess because it's made of water.

But the water is blue.

That's true. Well... do you know what time is it now?
I think it's time to go to bed…

I know…



I love you.

Good night, my dear. I love you too....

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