Gnome In The Clock

If you listen carefully to the cuckoo clock,
You will hear how quietly someone knocks tick-tock.
Safe and snug inside it, there lives a little gnome.
Such a lovely home for a little gnome!
With a lovely sound ticking all around.
Even while you sleep, he will always keep
The time.

With a little birdie he shares his cozy home,
Keeps her by his side, so he never feels alone.
Only once an hour she gets to go outside,
Flap her little wings and begin to sing,
Simple little tune, morning night and noon,
Only song she knows, this is how it goes:

Little gnome, I'm begging you,
Let the bird go fly.
Let her fly through space and time,
In the sunny sky
In the sunny sky
Let the cuckoo fly
Let the cuckoo fly.
Even when she's gone
Even when she's gone
Time will still go on
Time will still go on.
Let it pass away
Let it pass away
Like a summer day
Like a summer day.
As the hours fly
And the days go by,
Still a memory
Stays alive in me:
Days of youth and joy
When I was a boy,
Dreaming of a gnome
In his little home,
And the birdie too -
Was it really true?


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